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2020 Irrigation Information & Training Session 
Tuesday, February 25
Heritage Inn, Brooks

Thank you to all of our growers who braved the fog to join us.


We enjoyed presentations from Valley, Alberta  Agriculture & Forestry and the County of Newell.  The EID was also on-site to answer questions about programs and grants available. 

Our "Battle of the Panels" pitted two Icon panels against one another in a contest of programming and operation. Who won? The ICON 10 of course!

Following the presentations and contest we had break out sessions hosted by our award winning technicians, some topics included: GPS programming, tower boxes and end guns as well as sprinklers and gear boxes.

Lunch was well received, as always, and the morning wrapped up after all the visiting was done.

If you were able to attend we hope you enjoyed it. 

The presentations are available electronically by emailing:


Located in the link below is a 3 minute survey about your experience at our event today. Your feedback is so important as it will help shape the type of events we have in the future. We appreciate your time.

      From all of us at Academy Services, thank you for your support.


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